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You could transform someone's life by giving blood

A man with a beard looks at his arm while he gives blood

We need more men to give blood. By becoming a blood donor you could:

Save or improve up to three lives every time you donate

Men can give blood every 12 weeks, so by donating four times a year you could change up to 12 people’s lives.

Treat someone with burns, cancer or after an accident

Men’s blood often contains fewer antibodies than women’s blood.

This makes the plasma and platelets in it easier to use in a variety of treatments.

Help make sure blood is available every day

Men are less likely than women to be stopped from donating due to low iron levels.

Every time you give blood you're contributing to the 5,000 donations we need each day.

I feel really good after I donate, especially when you get the text message to say which hospital your blood has gone to.
Meshach Snape, 27, has donated blood 16 times

Become a blood donor

To get started as a blood donor you just need to sign up and book an appointment.

Don’t worry if you can’t find an appointment straightway - book one further in the future instead.

People need blood all year round so your donation will still save lives, even if it's a few months in the future.

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