Give Blood. Feel Good. No Sweat

If you’re a giving type looking for a no sweat, feel good start to the year, then sign up to donate today.

Donor and donor carer smiling after a blood donation

Giving blood is a seriously ‘no sweat’ exercise. Take a rest day to donate, and then you can get straight back into even the most committed new year fitness regime. A routine that feels great – while being kind to money, time and energy levels.

It takes around 1 hour to give blood, it’s easy, you will only feel a small scratch and you will feel amazing knowing you have saved lives in 2024. It even comes with a drink and biscuit. 

What happens on the day of your blood donation

In 1 hour and 5 easy steps, you can help save up to 3 lives:

  1. When you arrive at your appointment, complete a health check questionnaire and drink 500ml of water.
  2. Have a chat about your health with a friendly member of the team to make sure it's safe for you to give blood.
  3. Take a seat and donate – this takes about 10 minutes.
  4. Enjoy a free drink and snack while you rest for 15 minutes. No sweat.
  5. You're all done. Feel good knowing that your donation will help save up to 3 lives.

Do you live in Birmingham, Twickenham or Reading? Your plasma could save lives

Your plasma could be used to make life-saving medicines for 50 diseases. By giving plasma you could help build a person's antibodies, help to heal burns, protect pregnancies, and help babies' hearts to continue to beat. You can donate plasma in Birmingham, Twickenham or Reading.

Become a blood donor

Save up to 3 lives in 1 hour.

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Learn more about plasma

Your plasma could create life-saving medicines.

Learn about plasma donation

Meet the giving types making a difference

Meshach has notched up 30 donations to date

Meshach with children Kairo and Adah (on shoulders)

Meshach, 31, has been a donor since the age of 22.

The dad of two from King’s Heath in Birmingham was inspired to donate by his older sister who is also a regular donor.

He said: “I was never really worried about donating because I knew what it was like from my sister. A lot of people are scared of needles but you just feel a pinch and that’s it. I feel more pain when I pull the tape off and it pulls the hairs out of my arm!”

“The best part is knowing that you are actively helping people and potentially saving a life. And the biscuit selection isn’t bad either!

Tami's Christmas was made when she discovered her rare blood type

Tami Aderonmu, a 19-year-old student from Essex, donated for the first time just before Christmas at Bristol Donor Centre.

Tami, who is studying physics and philosophy at the University of Bristol and lives in the city, said: “Needles don’t really bother me but I still expected it to be scary. But it was the opposite!

“The staff are amazing and go the extra mile to put you at your ease when they know it’s your first time. And all the other donors looked like they were having the best day. It was good vibes all round.

“The process is straightforward. You answer a few questions, have the iron test and then sit back while you donate. It doesn’t hurt. It’s actually quite relaxing. And you get free snacks!”

She added: “I’m a donor for life now. To anyone who is unsure, I would say go for it, there really is nothing to worry about. And just think about who you may be helping. It’s a small act but one that can make a big difference to someone’s life.”

Tami added: “After my donation I found out I have the Ro blood type that sickle cell patients need. That made my Christmas! My mum is a doctor and has told me how important ethnically matched blood is for treating sickle cell. Sadly, my mum has lost family members to sickle cell. So it feels very special to me that my blood can help others with the condition.”

Tami standing at top of the Christmas steps in Bristol