Unleash your inner hero (Spandex optional)

Deadpool lying on the ground, legs crossed

We’ve teamed up with Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine to talk about something that’s even cooler than spandex suits – blood donation.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “But Deadpool regenerates. What does he care about blood donation?” Well, captain smartypants, not everyone has special powers. And that’s where you come in.

Your blood could be the superpower someone needs.

So, let’s cut to the chase:

Why should I care?

You get to:

  • Save lives: you don’t have to take on bad guys to make a difference, you can fight the good fight from a comfy chair and save up to 3 lives. Heroic, right?
  • Eat free biscuits: we give you free snacks after you donate! And who doesn’t love free snacks? (who needs chimichangas when you have club biscuits)

How to donate

  • ✔️ Sign up and book an appointment at your nearest donation venue – there are thousands, you can’t miss them
  • 🙏 Actually turn up to your appointment: please, just don’t forget
  • 🧐 Answer some questions about your health – honesty is the best policy, folks
  • 🩸 Sit back, relax and let that juicy, lifesaving red stuff flow

Sign up

Remember, every drop counts. So, roll up your sleeves (literally), and let’s make a difference together.

Because the only thing better than being a smart-mouth is being a smart-mouth who helps save lives.

Be the giving type. Sign up to give blood today.

Become a blood donor

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Deadpool sitting on a ledge, legs crossed

Marvel Studios’ Deadpool and Wolverine in cinemas Thursday 25 July.