Bleed for the team

Off the pitch we need a different type of hero.

We need people to support their nation not only through the love of sport, their passion and their dedication but in a way that makes a difference, by giving blood and saving lives.

Across the nation, every day around 6,000 people give blood, giving up their time to save lives.

Join them and register today.

We need more men to come forward to provide life-saving products like plasma and platelets

Men's blood is particularly useful for making plasma and platelets. Your blood could be used to save victims of burns, car crashes and provide life-saving treatment to patients with cancer. Find out more about giving platelets.

We need 25,000 men to join the 160,000 men who have come forward in the last year.

We need more black blood donors

Some rare sub-types are more common in specific communities, which is why we also need more black donors and are always looking for more blood donors from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. 

It’s easy

  • Giving blood only takes around an hour and the process of donating only takes around 5-10 minutes.
  • In just one hour you can save up to three lives.
  • Find out more about the process here.
  • Or call 0300 123 23 23 about becoming a blood or platelet donor.

If you are unable to donate at your chosen time, please don’t give up. Patients need blood all year round, so please book an appointment for the future, and come back to us later.

Share our digital assets

Like football, saving lives is a team game. We've created a range of themed assets that you can use to promote blood donation during World Cup 2018. Help raise awareness of the need for lifesaving blood and support your nation!

Bleed for the team posterBleed for the team poster 4 Bleed for the team poster 2Bleed for the team poster 3

To view the assets available, please visit our page on the NHS Blood and Transplant Promoting Donation Hub


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