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We need to make sure there is the right blood available for patients throughout the year. To do this we run local and national campaigns to encourage:

  • people to sign up as blood donors and start saving lives
  • existing donors to continue donating to help us keep blood stocks healthy

What's your blood type events

Do you know your blood type?

If you're curious about your blood type, visit one of our 'What's your Blood Type?' events to register as a blood donor and get a free blood type test. 

The quick test will reveal your likely blood type and who your blood could help. 

Find out your blood type and see who your blood is the perfect match for.

Recent campaigns


Become a blood donor


Want to become a donor?

Get involved

Show your support for giving blood by:

Downloading and sharing our graphics and videos

Sharing your story on social media using #GiveBlood

Following us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

Registering and booking an appointment to donate