Corie lost a lot of blood and both his legs when he was badly injured while serving in the Army in Afghanistan in 2010.

A blast from an improved explosive device (IED) nearly killed him. Thanks to blood donors and the care he received, he survived.

He was able to be transported back to Camp Bastion and then to Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, for treatment.
Corie lost both his legs as a result of his injuries and spent a month in hospital.

He doesn’t know how much blood he received as part of his treatment but he does know he wouldn’t be here without it.

He is involved in not one but two para-sports, bobsleigh and sitting volleyball.

Corie says “If I hadn’t have had blood I would have died, that’s the be all and end all of it.

“I desperately needed it at the time, I probably wouldn’t have made it back to Camp Bastion otherwise.

“Blood donors save lives. They give up their valuable time to help others.

“More donors are needed from the black community so I’d urge everyone to do their bit.

“You never know what is going to happen and whether you, your kids, your family or friends might need blood.

“If you needed it or someone you loved needed it, you’d want it to be there.”

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