We need more donors in Birmingham

There are plenty of appointments available at Birmingham Donor Centre in the next few weeks.

Help us save and transform lives by giving blood and plasma. Register to donate today.

Why we need more blood

Your blood donation can help in an emergency or be used for people who need lifesaving treatments. 

We need new blood donors to ensure the right blood is available for patients who need it.

We particularly need:

  • Male donors - men can donate more often than women
  • Black donors - Black donors are more likely to have rare blood used to treat people living with sickle cell

Why we need more plasma

Your plasma donation can be used to make medicine that transforms the lives of over 17,000 people in England each year. 

Plasma can help people with cancers, rare diseases, immune disorders and genetic conditions.

We need more people to register and donate to ensure we meet the increasing demand for plasma.

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