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We urgently need new black donors to help patients with sickle cell disease; the most common and fastest growing genetic blood disorder in the UK. Do something amazing by giving blood.

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Across the nation, every day around 6,000 people give blood, giving up their time to save lives.

We always need new donors. 

We particularly need more men to come forward.

Currently around two thirds of all new donors are women, but we need more life-saving male donors because;

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  1. Blood is made up of 3 component products – one of them being plasma. We can only supply plasma, which is transfused into victims of burns, car crashes and other serious conditions, from men (women are more likely to carry certain immune cells which produce a negative reaction in some transfused patients).
  2. Women are more likely to have lower iron levels which means that they are more likely to not be able to give blood.
  3. Men are more likely to have sufficient platelet counts to give platelets, essential for the treatment of cancer and other blood disorders.

We need another 25,000 men to join the 160,000 men who have come forward in the last year.

(Based on a target of 37% vs. 32% actual registrations)

Who could you be helping?

Four-year-old Edie

Did you know that every time you give blood it could help or save up to 3 people? After you have donated, you will receive a text message to let you know it has been used or even what hospital it has been sent to!

Edie is just one of the many people who has had her life saved because of people like you. Read her story here.

Your blood may also be blue-lighted to help treat patients in an emergency. Read more here.

Where to give blood

We collect blood in lots of venues – ranging from church halls, sports centres, mosques through to football stadiums and hotels. Find a venue near to you and book an appointment.

We have 23 permanent blood donation venues situated in towns and cities across England. These centres are open most days and often have better appointment availability. Click on your nearest centre below for location information and to book an appointment.


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