Taking the plunge: giving blood for the first-time

Hannah, 24, was a student in Nottingham when she gave blood for the first time, at Nottingham Donor Centre.

If you have signed up as a blood donor, but are yet to take that next step, then let Hannah show you how it’s done…

Appointment availability

Don’t worry if you can’t find an appointment straight away – we build stock by prioritising the most in demand blood types so we can make up any shortfall. It may be that an appointment date, time and location that suits you isn’t immediately available. 

Register now and book an appointment for the future or if you want to donate sooner, then donate at one of our 23 permanent donor centres.

Want to become a donor?

"I just saved my neighbour's life!"

A new donor talks about her first blood donation experience

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What prompted to you to start? 

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