United by Blood

Donating in memory of Evan Nathan Smith

In 2019, 21-year old Evan Nathan Smith tragically died in hospital after suffering a Sickle Cell crisis.

At Evan’s inquest Coroner Dr Andrew Walker said his life may have been saved if a blood transfusion had been given when he requested help.

As Black donors are ten times more likely to have a blood type needed to treat the 14,000 people in the UK with sickle cell, United by Blood are appealing for more people from Black African and Black Caribbean backgrounds to register and become regular blood donors in Evan's memory.

How you can help

Last year, 10,000 Black donors gave up a small amount of their time to donate blood and save up to three lives.

Now it’s time for you to join our community of life-saving donors.

A series of special blood donation sessions will be held in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol on World Sickle Cell Day (19 June) and Father’s Day (20 June).

Book your appointment

To book an appointment, please call our dedicated booking line on 0300 303 2737.

Alternatively, please email us at customer.services@nhsbt.nhs.uk with your name and telephone number and one of the team will call you back shortly.

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The need for Black donors

Every month more than 1,300 new Black donors are needed to provide not only essential treatment for sickle cell but also life-saving blood for use in emergencies, childbirth, surgery, treatment of cancer and a range of medical conditions.

People from the same ethnic background are more likely to have the same blood type. However, the shortage of black blood donors makes it harder to find the best matched blood for Black patients.

Find out who you could help by donating today.

Young, Black donor holding unit of donated blood

United together

United by Blood was created by a coalition of Black community organisations brought together to strengthen the work they do in educating the Black community around the importance of blood donation and blood disorders.