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Celebrating the personal stories behind blood donation and transfusion during National Blood Week 2019

Every donor has a reason why they give blood. It could be because a friend or relative needed a transfusion, to help others or they simply love the feeling of doing something amazing.A mum and dad talk to their young daughter who's in a hospital bed

Similarly, everyone who has received blood has their own story. They might have needed a transfusion after an accident or childbirth, to help them recover from cancer or to treat a blood disorder.

During National Blood Week 2019 we celebrated the personal stories behind blood donation and transfusion.

We arranged some special, one-off meetings between donors and the people who received their blood. 

Watch the emotional meetings and see how giving blood can help save and improve lives.


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Share your blood story

Even though National Blood Week is over you can still get involved by sharing your own blood story.

Whether it’s your first time in the donor chair or you’re a seasoned pro. Or if you’ve received one transfusion or hundreds.

We’d love to hear your story this amazing, life-saving act.

Tell us about it on social media using #MyBloodStory

Share your blood story

Whether you give or receive blood, share your story on social media using #MyBloodStory