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Join the ITV2 Blood Squad

We're recruiting new members

A witch, two zombies, two interviewers and a wolfmanThe ITV2 Blood Squad is back and we’re bigger than ever.

Last year, the ITV2 Blood Squad recruited thousands of new donors who have already helped save or improve the lives of up to 30,000 people. But we’re not stopping there! Fuelled by our success ITV2 and NHS Blood and Transplant have joined forces again to recruit new members.

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Some of ITV2’s biggest faces are showing you that blood donation doesn’t have to be scary. Giving blood is quick, easy and saves lives – your donation can save the lives of up to three people!

So while the ITV2 Blood Squad does the scaring – you can do the saving!

Join the ITV2 Blood Squad

It doesn’t matter what kind of monster you are this Halloween, everyone’s welcome in the ITV2 Blood Squad.

They're a team where everyone plays to their strengths whether that’s giving blood, encouraging people to register or supporting a mate while they donate.

This is one squad you’ll definitely want to be a part of.

The ITV2 Blood Squad needs donors from all backgrounds but we especially need more men and more black people to give blood.

Become a blood donor

To join the squad in England you need to register online and book an appointment.

A quick word about appointments – don’t worry if you can’t get an appointment straightaway so book an appointment now for a few months’ time.

Top tip: our 23 permanent donor centres often have more appointment availability so take a look at these if you live or work near one.

Not in England? Find out about giving blood in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Curtis Pritchard's story

Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard did his bit for the squad by giving blood for the first time on Halloween.

But this wasn’t any ordinary donation – Curtis gave blood live on ITV’s Lorraine programme.

He told Lorraine he was inspired to give blood after he was attacked when out with his brother last year.

Before donating Curtis admitted being, “quite excited but a bit nervous”.

However, his nerves disappeared once the donation started and he realised how straightforward it is.

“I was expecting a lot more pain but it’s easy,” he said.

Curtis, dressed as a vampire, with Dr Hilary Jones, a nurse and a donor carer
Dr Alex is wearing scrubs and is holding his head in his left hand and a stethoscope in his left

Dr Alex’s story

ITV2 Blood Squad member, Dr Alex George talks about his experiences of blood donation.

“I see first-hand how blood donation saves lives. As a front-line hospital doctor I’m faced with daily situations where blood is needed urgently.

“There’s so many scenarios where we need blood, from cancer patients to those with serious injuries though to knife victims or women in difficult labour. In C sections sometimes four, five, six units of blood is needed.

“We’re so lucky to have blood readily available – without it we might not be able to save a mother or baby’s life from a complicated labour.

“I think the most I’ve ever seen is 20 units of blood in one person who had been injured in a car accident.

Once you use the blood you lay it out on the counter and I remember counting 20 units of blood, which is catastrophic bleeding out of the aorta. 

“Without the blood on standby, that person would have been dead. It’s as simple as that.”


Who are the ITV2 Blood Squad?

Find out who's who in the squad.