Happy hour

Male and female friends talking after donating while having a cup of tea

Donate with a friend at your next appointment.

Your next appointment takes place during our new happy hour trial.

Bring a friend or relative with you to give blood - we'll fast track them so you can donate together.

How to get involved

  1. Find a friend
  2. Make sure they're registered as a blood donor using this link: my.blood.co.uk/preregister
  3. Both check you are able to give before coming to donate

It’s a date to donate. Come on down, roll up your sleeves and finish with a biscuit. Our teams will do their best to sit you together.​

Send this #HappyHour page to a friend and ask them to register now.

Can I bring someone to every donation?

Unfortunately not. We're currently trialling happy hours throughout June at our donor centres in Shepherd’s Bush, Leicester, Nottingham, Luton and Sheffield.

If the trial is successful, you may be able to bring a friend again in the future. 

Look out for another text message from us.