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Ordinary people, extraordinary lifesavers

A teacher talks to two young childrenOrdinary people can become extraordinary lifesavers by giving blood.

Donating blood takes just an hour of your time but it can save or improve the lives of up to three people.

In 2020 more men are needed as blood donors. Men are able to give more frequently than women and for clinical reasons male blood is targeted for some special uses.

If more of our regular donors were men this would help to ensure a safe and secure blood supply now and in the future.


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How male donors make a difference

Saving critically-ill people

Men’s blood can be used for specialist products such as plasma and platelets.

These are used to save victims of burns, car crashes, and to treat to people with cancer.

Extraordinary uses 

Only men’s blood is used for complete blood transfusions for newborn babies.

Men’s blood is also used for eye drops that help people see again.

They can donate frequently

Higher iron levels in men’s blood means they can give blood more often than women.

They are also less likely to be stopped from donating due to low iron levels.

Become a blood donor

To get started as a blood donor you just need to register and book an appointment.

Don’t worry if you can’t find an appointment straightway - book one further in the future instead.

People need blood all year round so you will save lives whenever you donate.