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Coronavirus update

Please make sure you are able to donate by reading our coronavirus advice for donors.

The Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign

About the Campaign

The Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign was started in 2006 and was one of the first national campaigns to aim to increase the number of regular blood donors from Muslim communities.

The campaign runs throughout the year with blood donation sessions taking place nationally in donor centres across the UK. The campaign is also starting to set up large scale community sessions.

Giving blood is a way to help others in need and live up to the values of Islam.

Once you've signed up you can search for sessions local to your area, any upcoming IUS sessions will be visible in your search.

Type in your postcode and the date you're looking for and, if there are IUS slots in your area they will say IUS on the session searcher results. If not then please feel free to book an appointment at your local session.