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Black History Month

Bird's eye viewing a donor carer cleaning a man's arm before he gives bloodDuring Black History Month we are urging more black people to join the rising numbers saving lives in their community by registering as blood donors.

More people of black heritage than ever are giving blood but there is still a shortage of donors to help black people who need lifesaving or life-enhancing blood transfusions.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing inspirational stories and videos that show the amazing impact of giving blood.

Cianna's story

Hayley and Cianna are sitting on grass with their arms round each otherCianna Bent, 11, was diagnosed with sickle cell at four days old and experienced her first severe pain episode, known as a sickle cell crisis, on her first day at primary school.

Cianna, who lives in Reading, has relied on blood transfusions ever since to try to prevent and relieve the painful symptoms and complications, and help her to lead a normal life.

Her mum Hayley King said: “Not many people understand the severity of sickle cell nor the need of blood for transfusions those with the condition rely on to stay alive.

“Blood donations have saved Cianna’s life more than once, and we are so grateful that people go out of their way to donate.”

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