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Lurine Cato

Lurine Cato is a multi-award-winning singer and songwriter and the lead singer in B Positive.

A MOBO Award winner herself, Lurine has performed with B Positive at the 2017 MOBO Awards and sang at the open-air Grenfell Tower memorial service.

Lurine Cato

Lurine said: “It’s an incredible thing to help someone to live. When you give just one pint of blood, you save three lives. Now that is heroic.

“The choir can be used as a powerful tool in raising the awareness of the need to give blood.

"The make up of the choir inspired me to get involved, those that have sickle cell, those that care for loved ones with the condition, nurses, scientists and friends.

"The best thing about being a part of the B Positive choir is the time we spend together, the banter, the laughs, encouraging each other and the food at rehearsals... Oh my, the food!”

"Through the choir we really want to influence our culture to give blood more frequently and I pray more people will donate."

Lurine balances her work with B Positive Choir alongside her studio commitments as she works on new solo music for 2018.