ITV2 Blood Squad

The ITV2 Blood Squad is returning for a third year and this time we're focusing on the best bit about donating blood - the biscuits!

ITV2 Blood Squad 'biscuit' campaign image

Thank you for your interest in saving lives and donating blood or blood plasma.

You will be joining a community of donors who are called upon when needed by the NHS.

Please click on the relevant button to register. Save lives, grab a biscuit!

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Have you had COVID-19?

You may be able to help coronavirus patients by volunteering to donate plasma

For many of our donors, the best bit about blood donation (other than saving lives, of course) are the biscuits you get after donating.

We receive over 5,000 donations every day, which adds up to a massive 4 million post-donation biscuits every year! The tough question is – orange or mint Club?