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The Donor Winter 2011

Welcome to the Winter edition of The Donor, read on below to find out what's in this issue.

Image of Torvil and Dean  

Happy to be donating again

When a family member needed blood, gold medallist ice skater Jayne Torvill decided it was time to become a regular blood donor again

"I was amazed to find out that such a small number of people give blood; it really was quite a surprise"

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  Scientist using a microscope  

Am I rhesus positive or rhesus negative?

Actually you are neither - rhesus is the wrong name for this particular blood group

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  Lady with blood donating toys  

Safer blood for Uganda

How two of our employees are making a difference to blood services in Uganda "in Uganda stocks of donated blood often run dangerously low"

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  Man in a car  

Back behind the wheel

Classic car enthusiast Richard Huelin was determined to drive again after a near fatal accident two years ago

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  Lady next to blood donating sign  

Let's hear it for donors!

World Blood Donor Day gave us just the opportunity we needed to say thank you to all our donors. But why take only a day when you can make a whole week National Blood Week

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  London 2012 Olypics ariel shot  

Counting down to London 2012

As the country limbers up for the 2012 Olympics, we have been busy planning how to keep blood supplies running smoothly during the Games

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  Doctor in a hospital  

'The change in transfusion has been incredible'

Keeping on top of the supply of blood products for three major hospitals is all in a day's work for transfusion laboratory manager, Julie Staves

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  Supporters of transplant week  

Transplant week is a hit!

Our 'What are you waiting for?' campaign during National Transplant Week has had a fantastic response

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  Crossword image  


Complete the crossword. Taken left to right row by row the letters in the tinted squares spell out what blood donors can do

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