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The Donor Summer 2012

Welcome to the Summer 2012 edition of The Donor, read on below to find out what's in this issue.

Penny Smith  

Make sure people know how easy it is to give blood

TV presenter and write Penny Smith explains why she is urging donors to come forward during the busy summer months "It felt like you were doing your charity thing without putting in too much effort"

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Team Give Blood
  Henry Udueni  

Every day is touch and go

Life for eight-year-old Henry Udueni is far from simple. His sickle cell anaemia means he needs regular transfusions to stay well, and for his family every day could bring a crisis

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  Blood Testing  

Scientists unlock the secrets behind blood

How our research and development programme is building a brighter future for donation

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  Jessie Townley  

Donated skin brings hope to leg ulcer patients

A new treatment for leg ulcers, made from donated skin at our laboratories, is showing huge promise

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  Transplant Week  

Pass it on for National Transplant Week

If you have signed the Organ Donor Register, make sure you pass on your wishes to your family. That's the important message of National Transplant Week

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Help patients worldwide with a different sort of donation

As a blood donor, you are part of a 50 million strong worldwide community. But in many low-income countries, the culture of altruistic giving needs to be developed and basic facilities provided.

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  Trending and Tweets  

Trending and tweets

How social media is helping us to reach new supporters

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  Dr Rekha Anand  

"It's important we have the blood we need, it saves lives"

Dr Rekha Anand is a consultant in transfusion medicine at our blood centre in Birmingham. She talks about her unique role calling up donors with rare blood types and ensuring patients receive the specialist treatment they need

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  Tom Whitaker  

More than just the big 5-0

Tom Whitaker reached 50 donations on his 50th birthday, and each donation has been made in a different location across the North West of England

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  Sue Barnes  

When to self defer

Our doctor, Sue Barnes, answers questions about self deferral

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  Crossword image  


Complete the crossword. Taken left to right row by row the letters in the tinted squares spell out what blood donors can do.

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