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national blood week - 10th-16th June 2013

To mark this year's National Blood Week (10th-16th June), the theme of Know Blood, Give Blood aims to open up every aspect of blood donation to encourage new and lapsed donors to come forward.

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The NHS needs around 200,000 new registered donors every year to keep donor levels stable and research shows that a lack of knowledge about the process could be holding people back from donating.

In National Blood Week, we would like 10,000 new and returning donors to register to donate.

You can be heroes, for more than one day

We are appealing for people to 'come back' and register to donate with a new celebrity poster campaign inspired by this year's come-back king David Bowie. Three celebs have all re-created Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane album cover to encourage people to 'come back' and register.


Did you know? Of those who have given blood...

12% Donated within the last 6 months
6% Donated 6 months to a year ago
10% Donated between 1 and 2 years ago
72% Donated more than 2 years ago
World War Z

Save Humanity with World War Z

Help us save lives by registering to be a blood donor on World Blood Donor Day.
We have teamed up with Paramount Pictures and World War Z to 'Help Save Humanity'. Find out more about World Blood Donor Day as part of National Blood Week, and enter our World War Z competition. World War Z in cinemas 21 June.

Learn more about World War Z

Know the components of blood

  • Red cell transfusions replace heavy blood loss, e.g. surgery, childbirth or to correct severe anaemia. Red cells have a shelf life of 35 days.
  • Platelets are small cell fragments, crucial in helping blood to clot. They treat life-threatening bleeding and severe blood disorders.
  • Plasma is the yellow-coloured fluid that carries blood cells. It's used to treat patients who have lost large amounts of blood or been seriously burned. Find out more about blood components
Find out more about blood components

Know about platelets

One of your blood's key components, platelets have a shelf life of only 7 days. Giving platelets takes around 90 minutes and donors need a higher blood volume than for whole blood donations. Around half of the eligible population have enough platelets to share. Do you? Take the test to check your eligibility for platelet donation

Check your eligibility

Blood types

Most to least common blood types Find out why each blood type is needed

O+ 37%
A+ 35%
B+ 8%
O- 7%
A- 7%
AB+ 3%%
B- 2%
AB- 1%

Every unit of blood you donate could save or improve the lives of up to three people!

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