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Blood donors are a life-saving team. And we need you, despite the distractions of watching the other teams this summer. Be a part of the greatest team in the world by supporting blood donation.

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The Greatest Team in the World

You’ve shown us your skills and joined the Greatest Team in the World. Now watch your teammates in action.

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The greatest team in the world is never complete. We need 200,000 new donors every year to replace those who can no longer donate.

A life-saving team.

We are recruiting for new members in towns and cities near you during June. Find some of our key sign-up events on the map and come say hello. Or sign up now, online.
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George is in the greatest team

Being a blood donor means you are part of the Greatest Team in the World. Visit Facebook to create your own player card and see what position you play. Whatever your blood group, there's a role for you.

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