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25 Mar 2015

NHS Blood and Transplant Statement in response to the Penrose Public Inquiry Final Report
I would like to express my sympathy on behalf of NHS Blood and Transplant to patients and their families affected by emerging infections before adequate safety measures could be identified and implemented.

2 Mar 2015

Minister for Health visits North London blood bank to launch innovative Blood 2020 strategy
Jane Ellison MP, Minister for Public Health, launched NHS Blood and Transplant’s Blood 2020 strategy with a visit to Colindale blood centre, North London.

24 Feb 2015

Innovative five year Blood Strategy to shape the future of blood services in England and North Wales
The strategy sets out a range of initiatives that will build on recent success and help achieve our ambition of being the best organisation of our type in the world for the benefit of patients and the wider NHS while keeping the needs of donors front of mind.

16 Feb 2015

NHSBT first in UK to use Next Generation Sequencing for HLA typing bone marrow donors
Clinical scientists at NHS Blood and Transplant are pioneering the use of Next Generation Sequencing DNA testing to tissue type bone marrow donors and cord blood units.

29 Jan 2015

Support World Cancer Day and make a difference this February
NHS Blood and Transplant is calling on residents in England and North Wales to think about those who are battling cancer when they make their blood donations this month.

13 Nov 2014

This Christmas give blood: the gift only you can give
THIS CHRISTMAS more than 200,000 blood donors are needed to give a very special gift and help hundreds of thousands of patients.

11 Nov 2014

Young Muslims give blood to mark Muharram
Young British Muslims are being urged to give blood as part of a national campaign for the holy month of Muharram - the Islamic new year.

30 Oct 2014

Fans of hit tv show to donate blood
Fans and cast members of HBO’s hit TV show TRUE BLOOD are being encouraged by NHS Blood and Transplant to sign up to become blood donors this Halloween.

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