Top Reasons Donors Are Turned Away

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make sure you can give

There are many reasons why, at times, you may not be able to give blood. To help save donors from wasted time and wasted journeys, this page shows the top reasons why you may be unable to donate blood for a period of time.

If any of these reasons apply to you or you have any other health conditions, have travelled out of the country recently, or you answer 'yes' to any question on your Donor Health Check questionnaire - please call 0300 123 23 23 or check the health and travel section for further advice about whether this affects you donating blood.

  • Travel

    Travelled outside the UK within the past 6 months for business or a holiday?

  • Cardiovascular

    Do you presently have or have you had any heart conditions?

  • Infection

    Had any kind of infection within the past 2 weeks?

  • Antibiotics

    Taking a course or completed a course of antibiotics in the past 7 days?

  • Feel unwell

    Chesty cough, head cold, sore stomach, a sore throat or an active cold sore?

  • On hospital waiting list

    Are you waiting for treatment or are you currently undergoing medical tests?

  • Piercings and tattoos

    Had a tattoo or any skin piercing in the past 4 months?

  • Dental work

    Have you been to see a dentist in the past 7 days?

Don’t waste your time. Find answers to more questions, including special circumstances in which you may not be able to give blood in our FAQs. If you are not sure or have any questions, just call 0300 123 23 23 and we'll be able to help.

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