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Take a tour around the website using the video links below. The site provides online registration for blood donors as well as essential information relating to giving and receiving blood. By registering online you can control your blood donor experience via your donor account.

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The 'how to' videos will help you to explore the features available to registered blood donors by computer, tablet or phone.

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Did you know?

Over 25% of us require blood at least once in our lifetime...

Only 4% of adults are currently donors...

Each blood donation can help as many as 3 people

100 donations equates to
47 litres of blood

Over 8000 units of blood are collected at golf clubs each year

We collect around 1,900,000 blood donations each year

B- Blood is rare

Only 2% of the population are B-

Only 9% of donors live in
Greater London

25,000 donations in one day is the world record - held in Mumbai in 2010

8% of donors are donating for the first time

We collect 10% more blood on World Blood Day than any other day in June

January is our busiest month for donors honouring new year's resolutions

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